WIC on Wheels

“WOW!” WIC on Wheels partners with health care providers in Dallas

The WIC on Wheels or “WOW!” project from Los Barrios Unidos WIC program in Dallas takes WIC out of the office and into exam rooms of community healthcare providers — using new mobile technology. 

WIC has partnered with local doctors to increase access to WIC services.   Tablets and card readers allow WIC staff to provide a mobile visit for current WIC clients inside their doctor’s office.  This partnership has also provided an opportunity to screen potentially eligible WIC clients too. Time normally spent by moms “waiting on the doctor” is now spent with WIC’s breastfeeding and nutrition experts who use the time to provide program information, issue benefits and schedule WIC office appointments as needed. Mothers deemed eligible for the program have the ability to sign up on site.


Using mobile technology in the community


The WIC program’s database known as TXIN gives WIC clinics all over the state of Texas the ability to implement mobile services, helping them to meet clients out in the community. 

Over the past year WOW teams in Dallas have visited with thousands of patients.