Breastfeeding Training

New! Online WIC Partner Training Coming Soon!

The Texas WIC program is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new online training platform in 2017! The WIC Partner Training Site will soon offer the opportunity to attend free, online training that can be completed on your own time and at your own pace.

What training will be available?

  • Breastfeeding Management (BFM)- Coming in February 2017! Self-paced training consists of 5 parts and can be completed at your own pace. Continuing education (CE) will be offered.
  • Breastfeeding the Compromised Infant (BFCI)- Coming in April 2017! Self-paced training that will consist of 5 parts. CE will be offered.
  • Infant Formula: Navigating Marketing & Health Claims – this one hour presentation is currently in a live webinar format and provides a variety of continuing education credits.  Check the website when available for specific dates and times.

DSHS Live breastfeeding training listed below are currently available in six Texas locations each year:

Principles of Lactation Management (POLM- 2 day) Participants will be able to counsel families about the benefits of breastfeeding, assist mothers in managing common breastfeeding problems, make appropriate referrals, teach breastfeeding classes, prepare breastfeeding materials, and support breastfeeding through breastfeeding-friendly policies and procedures.

Lactation Counseling and Problem Solving (LCAPS- 1 day) This newly revised course is designed for health professionals who counsel breastfeeding mothers and would like to improve problem-solving skills. The class emphasizes critical thinking skills and reinforces concepts learned in the Principles of Lactation Management (POLM) course.

This is an intermediate level course and is activity oriented. Small groups will work through case studies and rotate through skills activities. Be prepared to join the discussions and share your ideas with others in your group. While anyone may attend, this class is most suitable for WIC Breastfeeding Coordinators, labor and delivery nurses, postpartum nurses, home visiting nurses and those striving to sit for the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) exam.

**Use DSHS Training to Assist Your Facility to Meet Baby Friendly Step 2 Education Requirements! Completion of the two day- POLM trainings will assist your facility staff to partially fulfill Step 2-training of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.  The Texas Ten Step Program compared the content to the Baby-Friendly USA’s Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria to assure that it includes all topics outlined in Appendix A (15 hour sessions linked below). Areas of instruction that are NOT addressed in this DSHS training include the 5 hours of supervised skills/ clinical competencies required by the BFHI which include:

  • Communicating with pregnant and postpartum women about infant feeding
  • Observing and assisting with breastfeeding
  • Teaching hand expression and safe storage of milk
  • Teaching safe formula preparation and feeding

15 hour sessions (1056)

The following one-day DSHS breastfeeding trainings can be scheduled on-site:

Breastfeeding Management Course content includes advantages of breastfeeding, composition of human milk, anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding, skin–to-skin contact, latch on and positioning, common problems impacting breastfeeding, maternal nutrition during lactation, maintaining milk production while separated from infant, medications and lactation, and overview of the Texas Ten Step and Mother-Friendly Worksite programs.

Breastfeeding the Compromised Infant This class is most appropriate for NICU nurses or health-care professionals in charge of the care of premature or compromised infants, birth to hospital discharge. Previous attendance of Breastfeeding Management is strongly recommended but not required.This course uses current scientific data that supports breastfeeding the premature or otherwise compromised infant. The course will enable health-care providers in assisting mothers of these infants to establish a supply of breastmilk for the infant’s successful transition to the breast, resulting in improved health outcomes for these fragile infants and their mothers.

**Due to increased demand, there may be an extended wait for one-day trainings.

Breastfeeding Education for Physicians:

DSHS offers three different courses for physicians. Each course is 1.5 hours long and may be used to fulfill training requirements for Baby-Friendly designation. These courses provide an overview of evidence-based maternity care practices that are known to improve breastfeeding duration and exclusivity. They also address common breastfeeding challenges and recommended management protocols. A minimum of 20 physicians in attendance is required to schedule training.

  • Supporting Breastfeeding When Challenges Occur
  • The Ten Steps: Evidence-based Care to Support the Mother-Baby Dyad, Steps 1-4
  • The Ten Steps: Evidence-based Care to Support the Mother-Baby Dyad, Steps 5-10

**class availability dependent on Physician-led instructor schedule

For more information or questions on training, contact

For more information on other Step 2 breastfeeding trainings, click HERE.