How to Apply

All Applicants Please Note: Do not send application in hard binder, as storage of such is limited. 

Please submit the following documents for initial designation:

1. Infant-Feeding Policies- include current breastfeeding, supplementation, and use of assistive feeding devices for healthy, term infants. (Do not include NICU policies.) * Policies must have current revision and implementation date and necessary management signatures. (No blank policies or policies pending approval will be accepted.)

2. Non-DSHS Staff Education- include content outlines for web-based training, PowerPoint presentations, educational articles, bulletin boards, annual competency/ skills fair checklist to verify content fulfills Step 2 of the TTS Scorecard Evaluation Tool.

  • Provide outline of training(s) and % of maternity nursing staff educated on content; do not include class rosters.
  • All in-services, staff training, and conferences should be attended in the two years previous to application date. Conferences and workshops should only be included for those that were provided to ALL maternity staff.
  • Training/ staff education documentation applies to maternity service nursing staff; non-nursing IBCLC continuing education is managed by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. Do not include or document training which is IBCLC-specific and has limited attendance unless the content obtained was then provided to general maternity service nursing staff for the purpose of  fulfilling Step 2 breastfeeding education. (ex: ILCA conferences with one attendee)

3. Prenatal Breastfeeding Education – (community based training) include course outline to verify content covered fulfills Step 3 of the TTS Scorecard Evaluation Tool.

4. Community Breastfeeding Resource List -given to mothers post-discharge, to verify content covered fulfills Step 10 of the TTS Scorecard Evaluation Tool.

5. Patient Education Resources -include copies of breastfeeding education/ information provided to breastfeeding mothers.

6. designation listing.

7. WIC Publications - obtained from the online catalog, please send a copy of the front of the publication and include:

  1. Revision date
  2. Publication stock number


Both items are located on the back of the publication. This is to verify that you are using the most current version of the publication. Do not send the actual document, as this occupies additional filing space. Photocopy the front of the document and include the publication stock number and revision date on the copy.


*If you have electronic versions of your policy/ documents and application, please send via email to: 

Mail all other documents to:

Texas Ten Step Coordinator DSHS- Nutrition Services

4616 West Howard Lane
Bldg. 8, Suite 840, MC 1933
Austin, TX 78728