Become Texas Ten Step

Begin Your Path to Improving Breastfeeding Support

The Texas Ten Step Program provides resources and a framework to help birthing facilities improve breastfeeding outcomes through incremental adoption of evidence-based practices. The designation recognizes hospitals that are implementing policies that are aligned with the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and encourages continued progress toward pursuit of Baby-Friendly Hospital designation.

The Texas Ten Step program is voluntary and self-reporting. There are no external audits or site visits. Designation is awarded to facilities that have addressed 85 percent of the Ten Steps and are also designated as Texas Mother-Friendly Worksites.

Upon designation, facilities are provided the following:

  • facility listing on directory
  • press/ web release to announce designation complete with logo use for facility webpage and other marketing opportunities
  • certificate of designation and member posters/ decals to display throughout facility
  • user ID to access online WIC Materials Catalog which provides FREE breastfeeding promotion and education materials for staff and patient education

Take the First Step! Form a Task Force

Making the decision to improve practices, develop and enact policy, and create systems-wide change can be a bit overwhelming. Every facility has different levels of readiness and potential obstacles. Development of a multi-disciplinary task force to begin the application and review the current state of a facility’s policy and practice related to breastfeeding is a model way to address the various components of the TTS application. This task force can be expanded in the future to accomplish other facility goals and can seamlessly move into the task force recommended by Baby Friendly for the BFHI designation.

Recommended task force members include:

  • Hospital CEO/ Administration
  • Lactation Specialist
  • Nurse Managers
  • Physicians (OB, Pediatric, Neonatology)
  • Nursing staff (day/night, weekends, per diem)
  • WIC local agency staff (Peer Counselor, WIC Director, Breastfeeding Coordinator)
  • Quality Improvement
  • Breastfeeding mother that delivered in your facility (non-staff member)

The Texas Ten Step Scorecard Evaluation Tool can be used as a “first step” in assessing a facility’s readiness. The tool is used to score the application and supporting documents with designation awarded to those facilities that score 85 or higher. Having the task force take an honest approach to address the current facility policy with the evaluation tool is key to celebrating successes already present in the facility while identifying obstacles to address and overcome.

Watch the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding videos to learn how your facility can start on the pathway to improvement.