Welcome to the Texas Ten Step Star Achiever Program

Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding

Check out the latest breastfeeding resource from the Texas Ten Step program! The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding videos feature stories from the field. Learn more about how health-care providers implemented the Ten Steps as they share their strategies for success on the pathway to improvement. Facilities highlighted are participants in the Texas Ten Step Star Achiever Breastfeeding Learning Collaborative, a quality improvement project.

Step 1: Breastfeeding Policy

Learn how hospitals are expanding the care of birth mothers in ways they “weren’t able to do before.”

Step 2: Staff Training

It takes a village… Watch the video to learn how some hospitals are making it easy to assure all staff have the skills required to support breastfeeding.

Step 3: Inform parents on benefits of breastfeeding

When is the best time to talk to patients about breastfeeding? Watch the video to learn the surprising answer.

Step 4: Skin-to-Skin

Learn about the simple act Lactation Consultant, Stacie Jones says increased her hospital’s exclusive breastfeeding rate and “made a world of difference” for patients.

Step 5: Lactation Support

“8 or more in 24” Learn about the guide to protecting mom’s milk supply, even when away from her baby.

Step 6: Give Babies Breastmilk

“A lot of people say breast is best, but breast is normal.” Learn tips to overcome what Lactation Consultant Barbara Kalmen calls a “huge hurdle” of normalizing breastfeeding.

Step 7: Rooming In

“We have a level three nursery and we have a high risk nursery, but no newborn nursery.” LBJ Hospital Nursing Director, Maria D’Souza, explains the benefits of rooming-in.

Step 8: Feeding On Cue

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry, neither are babies. Dr. Nancy Hurst, a Lactation Manager, explains why healthcare providers should teach mom to “watch the baby, not the clock” when it’s time to eat.

Step 9: No Artificial Nipples

What happened to all the pacifiers? Watch the video to learn why Nurse Kathy Chaney-Padak says “The need for a pacifier is just not there.”

Step 10: Support & Resources

Most Texas mothers begin breastfeeding in the hospital but face challenges once they get home. Watch the video to learn how Alisa Sanders, Manager of the Lactation Foundation of Houston believes hospitals and community partners are part of the solution to “change the culture and… change the future for our children.”