New Resources on

A few new resource links have been added to that I wanted to notify you of:

  • Regional Reports for Texas Health Service Regions 1-11 of Any/ Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates on Day 2 (in-hospital)
  • Impact of Incremental Change Table- use with staff and facility administration to educate on the importance and impact of addressing the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding
  • 2011 WIC Infant Feeding Practices Survey- In their efforts to promote breastfeeding, the Nutrition Services Section, Division of Family and Community Health Services, regularly conducts a survey of breastfeeding beliefs, attitudes, and practices among women receiving WIC services. The purpose of this survey is to provide data to local WIC agencies to aid in planning and activity development. These data may also provide valuable information to advocates, legislators, policy makers, health care providers and others interested in supporting breastfeeding. 

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