FAQ – Education, Step 2

How is staff education scored or assessed?

The TTS Scorecard Evaluation tool is based on the Baby Friendly USA’s Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria. Step 2, has didactic content as well as skills competency content that is evaluated. The content assessed is for front line staff- both nursing and physician (as indicated) in your facility. Do not include documentation of education for the IBCLC staff in your facility because the IBLCE is the governing body that requires the IBCLC to continue the required education to maintain certification. Please do not include any IBCLC-specific conferences or training in which only IBCLC staff attended. Education documentation is for the nursing and medical staff education only. Unlike the Baby Friendly requirement, the TTS program does not evaluate length of training for scoring, only content and skills assessment.

What documentation do I submit for the staff education content?

For the didactic portion of education, ideally it is best to send content outlines for all the training you have listed- make sure and include an indication of the estimated percent of staff that received the training. There are many training format options: PowerPoint presentations, articles that staff is given to read, poster board presentations and others. For the skills assessment content, you may submit a blank competency sheet sample that is used to assess staff; again, what is being evaluated is the content provided. Do not send individual staff competency skills assessments or scores for staff as the only item that is being assessed is content and % staff that have received that training.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the TTS Program Coordinator before you submit at: texastenstep@hhsc.state.tx.us .

Where can I find out more information on the two day DSHS trainings that are available?

Principles of Lactation Management (POLM) and Lactation Counseling and Problem Solving (LCAPS) are two separate courses that are offered in 6 locations around the state that are predetermined by HHSC staff. For more information on the two-day trainings, click HERE or contact Missy.Hammer@hhsc.state.tx.us  for questions.

Does our facility have to use the HHSC training offered to meet the training requirements?

No, HHSC training is a benefit and alternative to education for birthing facilities in Texas. The content of the training courses gives the most evidence-based content on breastfeeding available, but it is not mandatory that your staff use this training only. The TTS program encourages facilities to develop their own training and there are several resources on the program site which can help them prepare to do so. See Step 2 of the Resources for Healthcare providers tab.

If our facility uses the HHSC training for staff, how often do we update our attendance?

The HHSC breastfeeding course content is reviewed on an annual basis. Facilities who utilize HHSC training as their main form of education for staff are encouraged to retake breastfeeding courses every five years in order to stay current with evidence-based practices, research, and initiatives.

Does the HHSC training complete the Step 2 education requirement for the Baby Friendly USA?

Beginning in January 2014, completion of the two day- POLM trainings will assist your facility staff to partially fulfill Step 2-training of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. The Texas Ten Step Program compared the content to the Baby-Friendly USA’s Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria to assure that it includes all topics outlined in Appendix A (15 hour sessions linked below). Areas of instruction that are NOT addressed in this HHSC training include the 5 hours of supervised skills/ clinical competencies required by BF USA which include:

  • Communicating with pregnant and postpartum women about infant feeding
  • Observing and assisting with breastfeeding
  • Teaching hand expression and safe storage of milk
  • Teaching safe formula preparation and feeding

15 hour sessions (2314)

Does HHSC offer training for Physicians or Advanced Care Providers?

HHSC offers three physician-led trainings:

  • Supporting Breastfeeding When Challenges Occur
  • The Ten Steps: Evidence-Based Care to Support the Mother Baby Dyad, Steps 1-4
  • The Ten Steps: Evidence-Based Care to Support the Mother Baby Dyad, Steps 5-10

Class availability is dependent on instructor schedule and provides physicians who work in facilities pursuing Baby Friendly Designation a chance to meet the three hour training requirment. A minimum of 20 physicians in attendance is required to schedule training. For more information on the physician training, click HERE or contact for questions.