FAQ – Application

If my facility has been designated in the past, do I submit a new application or re-designation application?

Any facility that has not been designated as a TTS facility for greater than 2 years is considered a new applicant.

Can there be more than one contact listed for the application and to receive email notifications?

Unfortunately, the system is designed so that one person remains the primary contact for the application. This helps to streamline who receives program updates and other important information, however, anyone listed as the contact is free to forward the information to secondary task force/ team members as needed. Another great way to receive program updates is to sign up for the RSS feed which is located on the bottom of the program home page. The information for this feed is listed in the “Latest News” section where past announcements can be found.

Does our facility have to designated as Texas Mother Friendly Worksite first?

No, you may submit the applications at the same time or the TTS application first while you complete the application for MFW. TTS designation is not awarded, however until confirmation from the MFW program regarding that designation.

What time frame do my breastfeeding rates need to include? (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

Report breastfeeding rates for the year that your facility is being designated in or re-designating. If you do not have a full year of rates to report, please indicate the time period covered on your application.

If our facility collects PC Measure 5 per The Joint Commission Criteria, do we report PC-05 or PC-05a data?

The TTS program is interested in the exclusive breastfeeding rate, which is PC-05 data that your facility reports for The Joint Commission.

What information is needed regarding transition after delivery and rooming-in?

Because the TTS program application is voluntary and self-reporting, the questions under the “Additional Resource Information” section of the application helps to give a picture of the environment for breastfeeding in your facility, so please answer honestly. Describe the care model that your facility uses after delivery. How is transition managed? Is there a team approach or individual nurse for mom and baby? Does your facility have a well-infant nursery or a special care nursery only? Give an estimate of the % of mothers that room-in 24 hours with their infant.

What if I don’t know what my facility’s mPINC survey results are? Where do I get them?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) administer the mPINC survey. For each survey cycle, if your facility participated, six copies of your facility’s benchmark report were mailed to your facility. Two of them were mailed by name, to the person to whom the survey was originally sent and to your facility’s administrator/CEO as listed in the American Hospital Association database. If you do not have your facility’s results, please include this information on your application. If you would like to request a copy of your facility’s results, contact mpinc@cdc.gov

What is the Scorecard Evaluation Tool? Does my facility need to complete it?

The Scorecard Evaluation Tool can be downloaded from the program site and is often used as a guide to prepare the application. The tool is used to score the documents and application and each point listed has a value of 2 points for a total of 100. Facilities must score an 85 to meet the criteria for designation. Most items should be included in your policy to receive full credit. You do not have to complete the tool and submit it with your application, it is meant as a readiness assessment tool only.

When will our facility be notified of Texas Ten Step designation?

The process of evaluation includes an initial email to verify receipt of the application and supporting documents. Once the TTS program coordinator has completed an initial review, a phone call to discuss any clarification points or further documentation needed is done. The process takes about 3-4 weeks, however this timeframe can vary. An email notification granting designation is sent once complete.